23 May 2022

Will I Ever See My Baby Again After Placing For Adoption In Michigan?

It used to be that if you placed your child for adoption, you really were ‘giving up baby for adoption‘ and maybe never seeing that child again. But things are different now. If you decide adoption is right for you and your child, you can choose to have an open adoption. An open adoption is where you remain part of your child’s life even after placing the child for adoption. Here at Adoption Partners of Michigan, we encourage open adoption whenever possible because studies have shown that open adoption is great for the adopted child.

From choosing the right family for your baby to getting regular pictures and updates to scheduling get-togethers with the adoptive family, if you’re interested in staying in your baby’s life, open adoption is a great option to look into. We can help! Whether you’re looking for help with Detroit adoption, Flint adoption, or anywhere else in Michigan, we are happy to come to you to plan a Michigan adoption. We’ll start with a zero-pressure, confidential, non-judgmental conversation about what you think is best for you and your baby.

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