30 May 2022

I know someone who’s pregnant and thinking about adoption; what can I do to help?

First, thank you for asking this question! We want to encourage anyone who has a friend, significant other, coworker, student, relative, client, patient, or neighbor who might be considering putting baby up for adoption to offer support and encouragement.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • tell her that she is capable of making a good decision for her and her baby!
  • encourage her to take care of herself and her pregnancy and to get prenatal care
  • be consistent – give her emotional support and acknowledge her desire to make a good plan
  • recognize that she might experience sadness, uncertainty, and grief
  • help her research reputable, trusted, local adoption agencies in Michigan
  • go to meetings with her and offer to help gather accurate adoption information
  • use affirmative language – rather than ‘give up baby for adoption’ say ‘make an adoption plan’
  • understand what adoption planning truly means: she is in charge!
  • connect her to a trusted adoption expert who will provide nonjudgmental, accurate information and guidance

Making a good adoption plan for your baby starts with having accurate information. It is vital to connect with a trusted, local, Michigan adoption agency where you’ll receive facts, along with professional care and guidance. If you’re helping a loved one on this journey, reach out to us – we are here to help!

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