11 May 2022

Most Trusted Adoption Agency In Michigan

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.’

Warren Buffett was right about the hard work and time it takes to build a good reputation. We at Adoption Partners of Michigan are doing all we can to build our good reputation, to be the most trusted adoption agency in Michigan. Becoming known as the BEST ADOPTION AGENCY IN MICHIGAN is our goal. We do this by providing the very best in services to parents facing unplanned pregnancies and anyone wondering, “Should I put baby up for adoption?”. We do this by being the BEST HOME STUDY AGENCY IN MICHIGAN. And we do this by walking alongside adoptive parents, guiding them through each step in growing their family.

We might be small, we might be a new name in Michigan Adoption, but we have 60 plus years of adoption experience, and we know what it takes to provide accurate adoption planning information for birth parents without judgment or pressure. We work in today’s realities. We come to you, in-person or online, whatever you prefer. We are a licensed MICHIGAN ADOPTION AGENCY. We specialize in DETROIT ADOPTIONS. We help with Flint adoptions. We are here for Grand Rapids adoptions, Saginaw adoptions, Lansing adoptions, and everywhere in between. 

Let us prove that we are the best adoption agency in Michigan. We want to become known as the MOST TRUSTED ADOPTION AGENCY IN MICHIGAN too. Contact us today – confidential, no pressure, no judgment.

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