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We know you have a lot of choices and we’re glad that you’re considering us! We’re passionate about providing personal yet professional adoption services as a licensed adoption agency. Our staff are personally touched by adoption and have many years of experience providing top-notch adoption services.
If we’re completing your home study, you can expect it to take not more than three months. After the home study is complete, we’ll present your profile as often as we can. How long you might wait to be matched will depend on several variables, including the characteristics you are open to in adoption. We do our best to keep your wait time to a minimum, while also encouraging you to spread the word about your hope for adoption in your own circles!
We’re pleased to work with married couples and single applicants. Anyone wishing to work with Adoption Partners must obtain an approved home study, and it’s during the home study process that you’re deemed to be capable of providing a safe, healthy, and loving family for a child.

This is an agreement between the birth and adoptive parents which occurs during the match process, in which they decide on levels of communication or sharing of information as the child grows.  We work with all parties to have a full understanding of the value of openness and are there to support the agreement.

Adoption Partners identifies the necessary expenses to be covered for the birth mother by the adoptive family. These expenses must be carefully monitored and reported to court. They can include things like actual medical costs not covered by insurance, assistance with transportation costs, urgent housing needs, and even some basics like food and clothing.
It depends on her unique situation, but might be as soon as a week or two after the baby is born but could be up to four to six weeks later if she must attend a court hearing. Rest assured that Adoption Partners will guide and support her through this process and make the plan that is best for everyone.
From the very first contact, the birth mother who contacts Adoption Partners will feel valued, respected, and cared for. We want to support her in making the decision that is just right for her and her baby. Even if she’s unsure about what to do, we’ll demonstrate compassion. We want her to have good information on what adoption planning looks like for her so that she can make an informed choice. We’ll walk closely alongside her if she chooses adoption, and we’ll be there for her as a friend and confidant afterward too.

We understand this can be a costly process for many families.  We are here to help you with many ideas for helping for creatively fund your adoption.

We believe in having strong connections in our communities and building and maintaining relationships with partners that are built on values like authenticity, professionalism, integrity, and compassion. We work hard to make sure that anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy can readily find good information on adoption planning. And we partner with other providers to equip them with the tools to deliver adoption information when they encounter a client or patient facing an unplanned pregnancy as well.
Adoption Partners wants everyone to be healthy and safe. There is no requirement that applicants be Covid vaccinated. As is true with any Michigan child placing agency, the home study that approves a family for adoption must assess aspects like the health and wellbeing of all household members to ensure that the home will be a safe place for an adopted child.
If the birth parent signs a release ‘out of court’ there is a five-day revocation period following the release. If the parental rights are terminated in court, there is no revocation period. Birth parents do have 21 days following termination to file a motion for an appeal to the decision if they believe something was done illegally, but this is not a ‘change your mind’ period.
We’ll guide you in preparing for the years ahead of you as adoptive parents! We want you to be comfortable talking with your child about his or her adoption from the very beginning. And as you prepare for some degree of openness in adoption, we want you to be comfortable sharing information about your child’s birth parents with him or her as well. On the form on this page, could you change the dropdown ‘I am looking for adopting a baby’ to ‘I want to adopt a baby’

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