Detroit Adoption

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Detroit Adoption

We are local; we can come to you to meet in-person, by phone, or by text.

We are YOUR advocate: as a licensed Michigan agency, you are our #1 priority

We are experts: over 60 years of combined experience in adoption, licensed social workers, and a resident adoption attorney on-hand if needed

Adoption Planning in Five Steps


Learn about adoption

We are here to provide information and support as you decide if an adoption plan is right for you


Create an adoption plan

We walk alongside you every step of the way. All the choices are yours to make.


Choose a family

You can decide who the best parents for your baby are. We ensure that they are qualified and prepared to become parents.


Plan your baby's birth

We are your advocate at the hospital and work to ensure that this time goes as smoothly as possible.


Placement and
post-pregnancy support

We take care of the legal work, and we are here to support you for as long as you need.

Should I consider adoption if....

I have not had prenatal care? That's okay. We care about your health as well as the health of your baby, but even if you have not seen a doctor, we can help with an adoption.

I struggle with substance use? We know these struggles are hard! Talk to us today about planning adoption even if you struggle with substance use - we can help.

I'm homeless and can't afford to take care of a baby right now? Adoption is a good plan if you are not able to care for your baby. We can help find support for you now, and make a long term plan for your baby.

I just don't want a baby? We understand that you may not have wanted to get pregnant and are now considering all of your options. We are here to give you adoption information. No Pressure. No Judgment. Just Facts.

Safe Delivery of Newborns

Michigan’s Safe Delivery law allows a parent to surrender a newborn safely, legally, and confidentially. Adoption Partners of Michigan provides trusted expertise in these cases.

For questions, please call the 24/7 Safe Delivery Hotline at 1-866-733-7733

A Word About the Baby's Father

Your baby's father may be involved and can be part of the adoption planning, or he might be completely out of the picture. Whatever the situation, we will clearly explain his rights and responsibilities. And we treat the information you share with us confidentially.

Our Waiting Families

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