Infant Adoption

Infant Adoption

Choosing to build your family through adoption takes much consideration and planning. We’re passionate about adoption and plan to walk alongside you through your journey. We’ll guide you through the home study, making a profile, and eventually connecting you with a birth mother. We’ll be with you through the entire process. We are a licensed child-placing agency in the State of Michigan and we have many years of experience in adoption, both personally and professionally.

Birth parents come to Adoption Partners of Michigan in many ways. They might have been referred by a medical professional our counselor, or they might be calling us from the hospital after their baby has been born. No matter what the circumstance, we do our utmost to provide personal, sensitive, and compassionate guidance and information. We believe that the more we understand, know, and support birth parents, the better we can assist them in making the right plans for their babies.


When they are ready, we will share the profiles of waiting adoptive families with the birth parents. We’ll present the adoptive families that best match what the birthparents are looking for in an adoptive placement for their baby. When they select a particular family Adoption Partners will then coordinate the next steps. Depending on the birth parents’ wishes this might include arranging a time to meet. It may also include formulating a plan for ongoing communication.

Adoption Partners of Michigan will provide all the guidance needed for both the birth parents and the adoptive parents as the legal process unfolds. It is commonplace for the baby to be discharged from the hospital following birth directly to the adoptive family, if this is what the birth mother wants. We will see the legal process to completion and will provide post placement supervision and support.

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