12 March 2024

Why would I put my baby up for adoption?

Maybe you’ve been there…. That moment you realize you’re pregnant, followed immediately by the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do. Maybe you’re already taking care of other children. Maybe abortion isn’t an option. Maybe you don’t have anyone to help raise a child. Or maybe you just can’t bring a child into your life right now.

After that first realization that you’re pregnant, you might try to picture yourself raising your baby, but then what? Who’s helping babysit? How are you paying the bills? Where will you live?

Maybe you wish for something better, for yourself and for your baby.

At some point you might wonder, should I put my baby up for adoption, and if so, is there an adoption agency near me? It’s best to get all your questions answered by an adoption agency nearby. We know the adoption laws in Michigan, and we will be your advocate, because we are here, a licensed Michigan adoption agency with many years of adoption experience and a solid reputation.

There are a lot of myths about putting a baby up for adoption, but we want you to know the facts, and we will walk alongside you through the entire process when you choose adoption. As a top agency in Michigan, and one of the best adoption agencies in Detroit, Adoption Partners of Michigan is here for you.

No pressure. No judgment. Just facts.
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