8 April 2024

Why it matters: having a local agency when you need unplanned pregnancy help

If you’ve ever searched online for unplanned pregnancy help, you may have wondered if the results that come up are local Michigan adoption agencies. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. To consider placing your baby up for adoption is a big deal, so you probably want help from someone trusted, reliable, and local. This is why we call ourselves Adoption Partners of Michigan. We’re a licensed Michigan agency, here to provide information and guidance as you decide if it’s right for you to place baby for adoption.

It matters to have a local adoption agency in Michigan because we know the adoption process better than anyone. We are familiar with the local courts, and we’re connected to resources that could help along the way, across Michigan. Maybe you need help getting medical care; we can help. Or you’re looking for support in caring for your older children; we can connect you to help for this too. You might need help finding housing; we are here, a Michigan adoption agency, so we know where find the help you need.

It also matters because facing an unplanned pregnancy and needing help might also mean you want counseling, nonjudgmental support, and someone to walk alongside you emotionally. An out-of-state agency cannot do this; having only an attorney involved will not provide this level of care for you. But we will. We promise to give you the degree of support and care that you want. Without judgment. We want what’s best for you, and for your baby.

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