16 February 2024

Open Adoption Explained

If you are looking for unplanned pregnancy help, you might be looking for information on adoption planning. Did you know that you are in control when it comes to deciding how much of a relationship to have with the adoptive family and with your child as he or she grows up? In open adoptions, when you place baby up for adoption you can choose to have a relationship with the adoptive family and with your child if you wish. You can choose the adoptive family and you can develop a relationship together. You can even have contact with each other before the baby is born. After the baby is born, you can choose to maintain a relationship by receiving letters and pictures regarding the child, and you can even plan to have visits together.

Open adoption relationships can benefit everyone. The birth parents can have a relationship with the adoptive family and can see the child grow and develop. It is important to look into adoption agencies that prepare everyone for the possibility of openness in adoption.

An open adoption relationship can give the baby’s parents:

  • A sense of peace regarding the decision to place baby up for adoption
  • A feeling of connection to the child and adoptive family
  • A comfort in knowing that their birth child will always know you
  • The knowledge that the child is growing up healthy and happy
  • The chance to tell your child his/her adoption story and your reasons for placing him/her into an adoptive family

The possible benefits of an open adoption for your child include:

  • An increased sense of identity and security
  • Connection to his/her background
  • Better understanding of the reason behind being placed for adoption
  • Link to birth mother/father and possible birth siblings
  • Access to additional medical information
  • A strong support network

Benefits of an open adoption for adoptive parents:

  • Relationships that are lifelong connections for the adopted child and themselves
  • Access to additional medical information / additional biological family members
  • More likely to feel well prepared for the adoption by knowing the birth parents
  • A sense of affirmation and love that they were chosen by the birth parents

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