15 March 2023

What it really means to ‘place baby for adoption’

In adoption circles, we no longer talk about how to give a child up for adoption. Instead, we talk about how to place baby for adoption. Positive adoption language is important and sets the tone for a proper perspective on adoption.

However, the reality is that many people still think of adoption as a “giving up.” Yet adoption can take many different forms, depending on what the expectant mom wants.

Does she want to place the baby for adoption and have regular visits? That’s an option! Does she want regular updates and pictures without visits? That can happen too! Or the birth mom can decide that after placing, she does not want any contact. What’s important is that the baby’s parent gets to decide.

And that’s why we consider Adoption Partners of Michigan the best adoption agency in Michigan (or at least one of the best)! Because our birth mom caseworkers follow the lead of the expectant mom. There is no pressure to “give up” or place your baby for adoption. Instead, our birth mom caseworkers treat each individual mother with respect and dignity as they learn what she wants. This may mean an open adoption with pictures and visits or a closed adoption with no contact. It also may mean she decides to parent her child instead of placing her child for adoption. And if that’s the case, our caseworkers will celebrate that with her! Because ultimately, at Adoption Partners of Michigan, we want what is best for each baby and each mom. This is what makes us one of the very best adoption agencies in Michigan.

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