21 April 2022

The Profile of a Birth Mom: Dispelling Myths

People often have a certain profile in mind when they think of a birth mom. “It must be a teenage pregnancy, she must be addicted to drugs, she’s probably uneducated” are some of the assumptions people often make. And while some birth moms are teenagers, do struggle with addiction, or haven’t made it as far in their education as they would like, there are a wide variety of birth moms out there, each with their own reason for considering adoption.

An unplanned pregnancy can happen to anyone. Pregnant moms who find themselves googling “putting baby up for adoption” could be young teenagers or in their late thirties. Adoption knows no racial or educational bounds. Some pregnant moms decide to place their baby because they simply do not feel ready to parent. Others are dealing with domestic violence or other unsafe living conditions. Lacking resources or dealing with a mental health condition are other common reasons a mom may look into adoption. Many birth moms already have other children and decide that adoption is best for the whole family.

Whether a birth mom is a teen, just finishing up college, whether this is her first baby or her third, what’s important is that she feels supported in making the best decision for herself and her baby. Here at Adoption Partners of Michigan, we are strong, non-judgmental advocates for all pregnant moms looking to make adoption decisions. If you are experiencing an unintentional pregnancy and don’t know what you’ll do, contact us here for confidential information about your options. 

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