28 July 2023

Adoption Trends

Many people have experience with adoption in one way or another. You may know someone who was adopted, who placed a child for adoption, or is parenting a child by adoption. You may be surprised that fewer than 4% of parents in the United States have adopted a child. You may also be surprised that for every newborn placed for adoption in the United States more than 25 adoptive families are approved and waiting to adopt.

The past few years have brought changes in adoption trends. There have been fewer international adoptions, fewer adoptions of newborns in the United States, and fewer adoptions from foster care. Depending on your perspective, this may be disheartening, but it might also be good news.

No matter the situation, adoption is a good choice for any child when, for multiple various reasons, they may not be able to remain with birth parents. Maybe a child’s parents have died, are terminally ill, struggle with substance use, have severe physical or mental health challenges, have no financial means of caring for a child, or other reasons – the parents and/or the authorities tasked with looking out for the best interests of children may identify adoption as a worthy option for the child. So then, fewer adoptions might actually mean that more children are being well cared for by their birth parents. As an adoption agency in Michigan, while our ‘business’ is adoption, we celebrate whenever a child can remain in a safe, secure, loving, and permanent original family.

Yet, for infant adoption in Michigan, whenever a child’s parents are serious about placing baby up for adoption, we are ready to help, and we want to offer waiting adoptive families that have met all the requirements, and more, to be eligible to adopt.

Some of those requirements are:

  • being physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy
  • passing background checks
  • having financial stability
  • being able to provide a safe and secure home environment
  • willingness to love and accept an adopted child as their own

Beyond this, Adoption Partners of Michigan looks for:

  • parents who are excited and prepared to possibly parent a child of another race
  • adoptive families that have wholehearted support and encouragement from their loved ones who will also happily welcome an adopted child
  • adoptive parents who are happy to embrace and nurture a loving open adoption relationship with the child’s birth parents if that’s what the birth parents want
  • parents who have learned about infant and childcare, as well as positive/nurturing child rearing throughout childhood

If you are researching adoption agencies in Michigan and wondering ‘should I place my baby for adoption?’ look no further than Adoption Partners of Michigan. We walk alongside you as you make the best plan for yourself and for your baby, and we want you to have 100% confidence that if you choose adoption, we can help to match you with the most highly qualified adoptive families you’ll find.

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