5 May 2023

I’m four weeks pregnant and don’t want the baby. Is it too soon to think about putting my baby up for adoption?

This is a great question. Adoption planning can happen at any stage of your pregnancy whether you’re four weeks pregnant or nine months pregnant. You can even make an adoption plan after your baby is born. Contacting your local Michigan Adoption agency is a great way to figure out what adoption options are available and what’s right for you and your baby. No matter how far along you are in the pregnancy, we are here to provide you with accurate information, with no pressure, no judgment, just facts.

Adoption Partners of Michigan has locations all over Michigan. If you are wondering about Adoption in Grand Rapids or Adoption in Detroit or anywhere in between, we are ready to help you in whatever way best serves you. As a local adoption agency that serves all of Michigan, we have someone ready to help you no matter where you live in Michigan and no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy.

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