2 August 2021

Natasha Nelson

Natasha is a 2 time gestational Surrogate who’s knowledge and passion for surrogacy makes carriers and intended parents feel right at ease in their journey. Natasha‘s love for children and assisting others with building their families, through all routes, combined with the knowledge she gained during her own journeys help her to provide an informative, compassionate and empathetic experience for all involved. Her background in clerical and administrative work has given her an eye for the small details. While her love and empathy for people from all walks of life has provided her an open mind and an open heart to appreciate everyone’s story. It’s those things that allow her to contribute an exceeding level of support.

Natasha has been married to her husband for 11yrs and together they have two amazing sons. They are the motivation and inspiration for everything she does. She hopes to use that inspiration to help others navigate through their story with kindness and encouragement.