7 December 2023

Is Giving Up My Baby for Adoption Wrong?

The decision to place a child for adoption is undoubtedly one of the most challenging choices a person can make. So it’s natural to wonder, “Does giving my baby up for adoption make me a bad person?” Here are some things to consider when answering that question.

Adoption is a Thoughtful Choice, Not Abandonment

It’s essential to reframe the narrative from ‘giving up’ your baby or ‘putting up baby for adoption’ to “choosing” adoption. This shift in wording emphasizes your thoughtfulness in the decision-making process. You are actively deciding to place your child in a loving and supportive environment.

Additionally, the choice of adoption doesn’t have to mean that you never see your child again. Open adoption allows you to stay connected with your child, fostering an ongoing relationship that can include letters, pictures, and even visits which enables you to actively love and care for your child beyond their adoption placement.

Choosing Adoption Can Be a Selfless Act

Sometimes people think that placing a child for adoption is a selfish choice. On the contrary, it is often rooted in a profound sense of responsibility and selflessness. It’s acknowledging that, for whatever reason, the circumstances might not be right for you to parent. Choosing adoption when that’s what you believe is right for you and your baby is a selfless decision that prioritizes your child’s needs over anything else.

By reframing the narrative, embracing open adoption possibilities, and acknowledging the selflessness involved, you can approach your adoption journey with a sense of empowerment and compassion toward yourself. Adoption Partners of Michigan stands as a supportive ally, offering guidance tailored to your unique circumstances as you navigate this path.

Adoption Partners of Michigan is a local Michigan adoption agency where we strongly believe in helping you explore your adoption options with zero pressure. We will give you the facts you need to make the best decision for you and your baby. We serve all of Michigan and can help whether you’re seeking adoption in Detroit, adoption in Flint, adoption in Grand Rapids, or anywhere else in Michigan.

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