When we set out to adopt, we didn’t know much about the process. Connie and Sara sat down with us in a zoom meeting and answered every single question that we had. They made us feel at home and confident that they would work with us and help us with our goal of building our family. They communicate with us often and never make us feel our questions are not relevant. We are still waiting for our miracle match, but we are so happy we decided to work with Going Adoption and Surrogacy.

Shaye and Daniel
Adoptive Parents

We were so frustrated by the child welfare foster system. We have the love, space, and patience to adopt a child from the foster care system! The agency would not even home study us because we didn’t want a teenager. We are open to most things and think a child around 10 would be a strong fit. As we looked around the state and the at all the Heart Galleries when we inquired on multiple children, but no one would call us back. Going Adoption and Surrogacy took our home study and created a marketing profile and then linked us up to programs with children for adoption around the US who responded back to them as our social worker. Soon we were looking and learning about children every week. We are currently matched with a child who fits our family, and we can’t wait to have her move into our home. I know we will be successful as Going Adoption is supporting us the entire way!

David and Joshua
Adoptive Parents

What I loved most about working with Going Adoptions and Surrogacy is that, both Connie and Sara are adoptive parents themselves and Sara is also an Adoptee. They were able to help us see all perspectives and support us when we made difficult decisions. Because they have lived this experience they understood our struggles, hopes and dreams.

Adoptive Mom